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Alexander Strauch’s new book, Leading with Love, was published this year. Having previously written on ecclesiological matters (such as the role of Elders and Deacons), and on nitty-gritty, practical matters like how to run meetings that work, Strauch now deals with the indispensable nature of love in the life of the Christian leader. With over 30 years of pastoral experience at the same church, Strauch writes out of a full heart not just for his flock, but for the future of Christian leaders, both among the laity (teachers, small group leaders, etc.) and those paid by the church.
Srauch lays out four principles in his preface, which encapsulate his burden for writing this book.
1. Few books on church leadership feature significant discussion about love. “…although Christianity is unmatched among the religions of the world in its teaching about God’s love…..Christian leaders don’t normally focus on love when they address leadership.”
2. The flock resembles its leadership with respect to love, or a lack thereof. “…leaders set the spiritual tone for the church. They have the power to create a more loving atmosphere with the local church.”
3. Church involvement means regularly working together, which can result in personalities grating on one another. “Without love, we cannot live and work in harmony.”
4. There are numerous false ideas about love that are pervasive in our day and in dire need of correction. Husbands leave their wives and children because of a new “love.” Some churches refuse to practice church discipline in the name of “love.” Strauch notes, “Instead of love being ‘the fulfillment of the law,’ it has been made the enemy of the law (Rom. 13:8-10).”
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Strauch a few times. I have always come away impressed with the extent of his warmth and care for others. Leading with Love strikes me as a great book on an important topic. I plan to review it in a future post.

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  1. Matthew Wireman June 28, 2006 at 7:36 am #

    Alex ~
    Not sure if you remember me from the T4G conference…former TBI’er and at Southern, etc. I wanted to thank you for the heads-up on this book. I am encouraged to see a book like this for someone like myself who finds it spiritual to just get things done…(only a slight allusion to the book here, so folks don’t take offense). I am working through what it means to lead lovingly and effectively as a servant leader in the home and in the church. Thanks, again.

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