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John Piper’s latest book available for free

What Jesus Demands From the World is available here as a free PDF. (6.3 Mb)
(HT: Justin Taylor)

Mark Driscoll (and company) coming to town

Well, its less than 48 hours until I need to pick up Mark Driscoll from the airport for the Desiring God National Conference. I have the distinct honor of hosting him during his stay in the Twin Cities. So you won’t be hearing from me for a few days. Check out Tim Challies live-blogging at his website this Friday through Sunday if you are unable to attend the conference.

The Great Divide? Faithfulness vs. Relevance

This summer Mark Dever wrote an incisive post on “assumptions and pursuits” that included this quote:
I think the most basic practical division among evangelical pastors today may be between those who pursue faithfulness and assume relevance and those who pursue relevance and assume faithfulness.
The Together for the Gospel gang has now expanded on this theme in an article jointly written by Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, Albert Mohler, and C. J. Mahaney. It apparently is a compilation of posts from this past summer. Each writer weighs in on the question of how pastors should think about pursuing relevance versus faithfulness.

Dick Morris Debunks President Clinton

You’ve probably heard President Clinton losing his cool in his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News. Now, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris provides a line-by-line rebuttal of a portion of Clinton’s tirade.
(Morris was also on Hannity and Colmes this week, discussing this matter.)

Mark Dever Interview

Tim Challies interviews Mark Dever.

Fantastic Story – “Big Mike”

The NY Times ran a lengthy (10,000-word), compelling story of a young man named Michael Oher, whose prospects in life seemed bleak until a Christian family and high school invested in him for great good. I only skimmed it, but found it very encouraging.
HT: Justin Taylor and Hugh Hewitt

Text of Tim Keller’s 9/11 address

A while ago I posted on Tim Keller addressing 9/11 victims as well as dignitaries (e.g., President Bush) on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Well, Pastor Keller’s son Michael has posted the text of the eight-minute sermon — as transcribed by members of the White House. Keep in mind that this message was given at an interfaith memorial. I echo Michael’s astute remark:
“While many others would have used the pulpit in front of so many political figures to espouse either their own political views, or some well meaning yet ill-timed altar call type message- [Keller] focused on those suffering and in pain and tried to speak to them in their loss of their loved ones with the message that there is a God, the God, who knows exactly what it feels like and can therefore relate to them in their pain.”

CT Calvinism cover story — now on-line

CT_cover_this coming week - border.GIF The cover story on the resurgence of Calvinism (summarized here) is now available for free on-line. There is also a short summary of Calvinism.
(HT: Justin Taylor)

Kostenberger & Maken (again)

The tennis match between Dr. Andreas Kostenberger and Debbie Maken continues with this post by Dr. Kostenberger.
(HT: Justin Taylor)
Disclaimer: Marni and I finally moved this past Saturday and are living in boxes. I have not yet had the time to read the latest post by Maken or Kostenberger. I merely link them here for the sake of those who have been following the discussion.

Muslim Outrage at the Pope’s Regensburg Message

Ever since I started to hear the buzz about Muslim outrage regarding the the speech given by Pope Benedict XVI on September 12 in Regensburg University (Germany), I was hoping to see an articulate Christian response. Here is an outstanding essay by Pastor John Piper on how Christians should respond to Muslim outrage at the Pope’s speech about violence and reason.

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