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A School Choice Argument From 1933

J. Gresham Machen:

“The only way in which a state-controlled school can be kept even relatively healthy is through the absolutely free possibility of competition by private schools and church schools; if it once becomes monopolistic, it is the most effective engine of tyranny and intellectual stagnation that has yet been devised.” — J. Gresham Machen: Selected Shorter Writings

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Making Men Moral Conference

Owen Strachan is live-blogging the Making Men Moral conference currently being held at Union University.

Obama Wants a European Transformation

Charles Krauthammer makes the case, calling Tuesday’s speech “the boldest social democratic manifesto ever issued by a U.S. president.” Excerpt:

Reagan came to office to do something: shrink government, lower taxes, rebuild American defenses. Obama made clear Tuesday night that he intends to be equally transformative. His three goals: universal health care, universal education, and a new green energy economy highly funded and regulated by government.

Susan Hunt Conference: March 7 in Corona, CA

Susan Hunt, author of By Design, Spiritual Mothering and Women’s Ministry in the Local Church (with Ligon Duncan), and (recently), Sammy and His Shepherd, is doing a one-day conference in Corona, CA on By Design: God’s Distinctive Calling for Women. The conference runs from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM on Saturday, March 7 at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church. Registration runs about ~$30.
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Session 1: Our Creation Design
10:45 am Session 2: Our Redemptive Calling
Noon Lunch (boxed meal is included in registration price)
1:00 pm Session 3: Generation to Generation
2:00 pm Question & Answer

Too Wise To Be Mistaken, Too Good To Be Unkind

God shall alone the refuge be,
And comfort of my mind;
Too wise to be mistaken, He,
Too good to be unkind.
In all his holy, sovereign will,
He is, I daily find,
Too wise to be mistaken, still
Too good to be unkind.
When I the tempter’s rage endure,
‘Tis God supports my mind;
Too wise to be mistaken, sure,
Too good to be unkind.
When sore afflictions on me lie,
He is (though I am blind)
Too wise to mistaken, yea,
Too good to be unkind.
What though I can’t his goings see,
Nor all his footsteps find?
Too wise to be mistaken, He
Too good to be unkind.
Hereafter he will make me know,
And I shall surely find,
He was too wise to err, and O,
Too good to be unkind.
(By Samuel Medley, from A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship by William Gadsby)

Biblical Discipline and Children on the Autism Spectrum

The dramatic rise in the rate of autism diagnoses represents a deep sadness for some twelve million parents and a growing challenge for society at large. Experts tell us that an astonishing 1% of the population is autistic. Is the disturbing autism trend real, or is it just the latest secular excuse for bad behavior in children? For Christians committed to building their lives and their families on the word of God, a diagnosis of autism in a child represents a particularly acute conundrum: To what extent should the world’s methods (particularly behavior modification techniques) be employed, since they are essentially rooted in the work of atheistic psychologist B.F. Skinner?

Dr. Laura Hendrickson is a biblical counselor, former psychiatrist, and the mother of an adult son who (at the age of two) was diagnosed as both autistic and mentally retarded. Years later he would become an honor student at University of California-San Diego. Currently serving at the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship in San Diego County, Dr. Hendrickson is the author of Finding Your Child’s Way on the Autism Spectrum: Discovering Unique Strengths, Mastering Behavior Challenges, which was recently published by Moody Publishers. It looks excellent. Here’s the publisher’s description:

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California Passes Budget With Tax Increase

Figure out how much your taxes went up if you are a California resident. Be warned: It is over $700 if your household earns as little as $40,000/year. Ouch!
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Interview with Susan Hunt

Sammy&Shepherd.jpgLigonier Ministries posts an interview with Susan Hunt, author of the outstanding children’s book Sammy and His Shepherd.

Obama: Sometimes ‘Bipartisanship’ Means Steamrolling the Minority

The President, writing in his best-selling book The Audacity of Hope, made the following remarks on his experience in the Senate minority. As John McCormack points out, he sounds just like a Republican complaining about the stimulus package:

“Genuine bipartisanship assumes an honest process of give-and-take, and that the quality of the compromise is measured by how well it serves some agreed-upon goal, whether better schools or lower deficits. This in turn assumes that the majority will be constrained — by an exacting press corps and ultimately an informed electorate — to negotiate in good faith.
“If these conditions do not hold — if nobody outside Washington is really paying attention to the substance of the bill, if the true costs . . . are buried in phony accounting and understated by a trillion dollars or so — the majority party can begin every negotiation by asking for 100% of what it wants, go on to concede 10%, and then accuse any member of the minority party who fails to support this ‘compromise’ of being ‘obstructionist.'”
“For the minority party in such circumstances, ‘bipartisanship’ comes to mean getting chronically steamrolled, although individual senators may enjoy certain political rewards by consistently going along with the majority and hence gaining a reputation for being ‘moderate’ or ‘centrist.'”

Roland Burris Should Immediately Resign

Perhaps no one cares — Illinois Governor Blagojevich is out of office and perhaps on his way to jail. But the quick-seating of Rolland Burris struck me as odd, and the recent admission by Burris that he sought to raise campaign funds for Blagojevich at the request of the governor’s brother while he was seeking the appointment to the vacated Senate seat totally unsurprising. On January 7 he testified under oath that he had contact with only one Blagojevich associate; now he admits that he in fact spoke with six different associates. But of course we are to believe that this new testimony is “completely consistent” with his previous testimony under oath. It’s over. The man should have the decency to resign. Illinois deserves better representation.

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