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Dr. James Dobson Says Goodbye (for Now)

Tobin Grant of Christianity Today shares some of the details regarding Dobson’s transition from Focus on the Family. This past Friday the 26th was Dr. Dobson’s last broadcast:

In addition to the many goodbyes, Friday’s broadcast also discussed the details of Dobson’s new ministry. Family Talk, like Focus on the Family, will be based in Colorado Springs and will feature a new radio show focusing on family issues and public policy. Dobson will share the hosting microphone with his son, Ryan, and Focus radio producer LuAnn Crane.
Both Dobson and Focus leaders emphasized that the ministry will not be competition with Focus on the Family and noted that Focus on the Family gave Family Talk one million dollars to get it off the ground.

Read the whole thing.

A Look Inside R.C. Sproul’s Office

R.C. Sproul – Study Video from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.

Albert Mohler on the Challenges of Islam

A very informative, meaty lecture by Dr. Albert Mohler on the topic of “Developing A Christian Response To The Challenge Of Islam.” Mohler spells out the history and distinctives of Islam, as well as the challenge that a growing Islamic movement represents to the Christian church today. Mohler explains that both Islam and Christianity are inherently “missionary movements” (i.e., they seek a greater number of adherents).
Interestingly, Dr. Mohler recently returned from a series of meetings with Islamic religious leaders in Istanbul, Turkey. He describes his efforts to explain the concept of sin to those leaders.

Do Hard Things — A Follow-Up

Alex and Brett Harris have written a follow-up to their phenomenal book Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, which I endorsed in this manner:

“In a culture of low expectations, non-stop entertainment and short attention spans, teenagers Alex and Brett Harris provide a voice of reason and a stirring exhortation to productive action in the name of Christ. As a university professor, I am not unaware of the Gen Y propensity to demand more recognition for less effort and to associate self-esteem with mere being rather than for actual accomplishment. Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations is a clarion call to teenagers everywhere to put away childishness and the fruit of immaturity and channel the energy of youth, in small ways and big ways, into world-changing activity with eternal significance. I highly recommend it.”

Their new book, entitled Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are, is sure to be similarly helpful. Here’s the publisher’s description:

You want to do hard things.
But you don’t know where to start.
You are changing the world around you.
But you are tired and burned out.
You feel called to do the extraordinary for God.
But you feel stuck in the ordinary.
Do Hard Things inspired thousands of young people around the world to make the most of the teen years. Now Alex and Brett Harris are back and ready to tackle the questions that Do Hard Things inspired: How do I get started? What do I do when I get discouraged? What’s the best way to inspire others? Filled with stories and insights from Alex, Brett, and other real-life rebelutionaries, Start Here is a powerful and practical guide to doing hard things, right where you are.
Are you ready to take the next step and blast past mediocrity for the glory of God?

The Growing Wave of Foreclosures

Marvin Olasky writes an informative cover story for World magazine on the growing national trend in foreclosures: “The number of homes lost through foreclosure and related means was 1.7 million in 2008 and 2 million last year, according to—with 2.4 million expected this year.”
[As Thomas Sowell wrote in The Housing Boom and Bust (which I introduced here), the phenomenon is particularly concentrated in certain geographic locales, even if a general softening in the housing market remains widespread.]

Phil Ryken Explains Transition to Wheaton

This is a video taken of a congregational meeting held at Tenth Presbyterian Church this past Sunday. Dr. Ryken explained the process whereby Wheaton College called him to be their next President.

Congregational Meeting – 2-21-2010 from Tenth Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.


Pachelbel’s Canon in D – On the (Electric) Guitar

Our 2 and a half year old son is fascinated with guitars. My wife found and showed him this interesting rendition of the famous Pachabel’s Canon in D. It is pretty amazing. The kid can’t be that old, either.

NEXT 2010 Conference Promo

Next 2010 Promotional Video from Sovereign Grace Ministries on Vimeo.

Philip Ryken: New President of Wheaton College

Sarah Pulliam Bailey is reporting that Dr. Philip Ryken will suceed Dr. Duane Litfin as President of Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. Litfin is slated to retire this summer. Here is the official announcement.
Congratulations to Dr. Ryken. What a great pick for an important position.
HT: Justin Taylor.

Justin Taylor Interviews Adrian Warnock

Justin Taylor interviews Adrian Warnock about his new book, Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything:

Justin Taylor Interview: Adrian Warnock from Crossway on Vimeo.

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