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Free Download: Martin Luther’s – Here I Stand

In light of Reformation Day (October 31), The Listener’s Bible is making available a free download of Max McLean’s reading of Martin Luther’s famous message Here I Stand. The MP3 Download generally costs $11 but is free through Sunday, October 31. Go here to download it.

Should Parents Automatically Pay For College?

Though the short article is written primarily for parents of children with learning disabilities, it has broad applicability:

I’ve seen too many parents throw thousands of dollars down the drain, with the best of intentions, assuming college is a basic need. They feel guilty if they don’t provide it. They spend their hard-earned savings or take out mega loans because they feel they “owe” it to their kids. They fail to see that this hefty financial outlay, second only to their homes in many cases, requires something in return– cooperation.
College is not a right, it’s a privilege. It’s a privilege that comes with strings attached.

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