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The Debt Ceiling Debate

I’ve been reluctant to post on this, since the situation on the ground keeps changing, and hundreds of articles are being churned out on the latest developments. But I was particularly impressed with the clarity and passion of this floor speech by Sen. Marco Rubio (and the somewhat atypical interaction with Sen. Kerry). It crystalizes the issues at stake:

Keith Green

This is a neat documentary on the life, conversion, and ministry of Keith Green, whose music and passion I greatly enjoyed (and profited from) in my youth. I knew he was a remarkably gifted man, but seeing this hour-long film really impressed upon me how prodigious he was in a 28 year lifespan.   He died 29 years ago on this date.

HT: Justin Taylor

John Stott on Ambition

From John Stott, Message of the Sermon on the Mount (IVP, 1993):

Ambitions for self may be quite modest…Ambitions for God, however, if they are to be worthy, can never be modest. There is something inherently inappropriate about cherishing small ambitions for God. How can we ever be content that he should acquire just a little more honour in the world? No. Once we are clear that God is King, then we long to see him crowned with glory and honour, and accorded his true place, which is the supreme place. We become ambitious for the spread of his kingdom and his righteousness everywhere.

As quoted in Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey (Crossway, 2010)–which is a fantastic book.

Ligonier Ministries Two-Day 30% Off Sale

Ligonier Ministries is running a huge sale this weekend (Sat and Sun only): 30% OFF everything. Just use the promo code ‘SHOP30’ at checkout. Sale ends July 31.

For example, since Ligonier sells Thriving at College for $12, this sale allows you to get it for only $8.40–a crazy low price.

Shepherd Press Yard Sale

This looks like a great chance to pick up some excellent books:

By the way, Wise Words for Moms, if you’ve never heard of it, is an excellent topical compilation of Bible verses to help kids memorize God’s thoughts and fight specific sin patterns common among children.

The Pornification of American Culture

Dr. Ed Stetzer (President, LifeWay Research and LifeWay’s missiologist in residence) recently published a devastating article on the extent of pornography’s reach in today’s culture. A few excerpts:

  • Lawyer and author John W. Whitehead recently observed: “Children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend approximately 30–120 minutes a day watching music videos — 75 percent of which contain sexually suggestive materials; and, with the advent of portable technology, children’s television and music are often unmonitored by parents or guardians. Not only does this accelerate adolescent sexual behavior (girls between the ages of 12–14 are two times more likely to engage in sexual activity after being exposed to sexual imagery), but it increases the likelihood of more sexual partners.”

Faith, Not Feelings?

Brian Borgman has a guest post on the Crossway blog today:

Recently I was preaching at a men’s retreat and one of the pastors, a guy with a great sense of humor, presented me with a clever, life-sized mockup of my book Feelings and Faith. The obvious difference? His was entitled Tickling and Truth, Cultivating Giddy Emotions in a Men’s Retreat Setting. I laughed hysterically. I get the joke. Feelings are not taken too seriously. After all, they are “just” feelings.

I frequently see and hear statements that go something like this, “Faith, not feelings, is what matters to God.” I understand where that comes from. Our feelings have led us astray so many times. They frequently are the arena for some pretty ugly sins. So the natural thing for us to do is to quarantine the emotions. If we can dismiss or minimize them, then we think we have made progress.

Read the whole thing.

Family Life Today: August 1 and 2

In early June it was an enormous privilege to record a pair of Family Life Today radio programs with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  These outstanding veterans of radio ministry have been at this since 1992 (when the Family Life Today radio program was launched). We discussed a variety of the aspects from Thriving at College. The shows will be broadcast nationwide on August 1 and 2, at which time they should also be available via Internet streaming or download.

To listen in, you can select a station in your area.  Please consider visiting the Family Life online store or making a donation to this vital ministry.

An Interview with Matt Chandler

The current issue of Tabletalk magazine (Ligonier Ministries) includes an interview with Matt Chandler.

TT: By way of offering a brief introduction of yourself and your family, when was God’s call to serve His people confirmed for you?

MC: I think my story is a bit strange in that my awareness of God’s call on my life to serve His people was a bit lost in me serving His people. I’ll try and explain that. I was very frustrated with my church experiences heading into college. I loved sharing the gospel and loved the God of the Bible, but it appeared to me (probably my immaturity) that my church and I were seeing different things in the Scriptures. I saw atonement and the fear of the Lord, and at church they were teaching us not to drink beer and not to have sex. To be truthful, I wasn’t drinking beer or having sex, and could see that drunkenness was sinful and that God had a plan for sex in marriage. Yet it appeared to me that those were secondary issues that should be addressed after the atoning work of Christ was communicated and understood. I started teaching at an ecumenical gathering while I was in college and assumed I would finish school, become a good lawyer, and teach Sunday school at the local Baptist church wherever I settled (I was hoping for the West Coast). The Bible study blew up numerically, and we were running around one thousand to fifteen hundred students every week. A young woman from that study asked me when I received the “call of ministry.” I was honestly confused by her question. I thought she was asking if the Baptists had literally called me on the phone and let me teach the Bible study. She clarified her question, and it sent all my dreams and plans into another direction altogether. It was at this time that I came to understand that I wouldn’t be spending my life doing law and teaching Sunday school but rather teaching and leading God’s people into maturity by the Spirit’s power and by the proclamation of the Word.

Read the whole thing.

Did the Founding Fathers Work to Abolish Slavery?

A nice history lesson from Mr. Thomas Fleming, past president of the Society of American Historians, and multi-book author.  

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