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Does it matter that abortion ends a human life?

In Chapter 3 of Saving Leonardo, Nancy Pearcey anticipates the change in rhetoric on display from pro-abortion advocates: Namely, an acknowledgement that, biologically, life does begin at conception. They’ve had to admit this given the advancement of ultrasound technology which lets us see inside the womb.

How, then, to justify abortion? Either deny that life = personhood (and define personhood as having certain mental capacities), or simply say that some lives are more important than others.  The latter strikes me as a more honest representation of those who support abortion rights.  John Piper writes:

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The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat

You’ve probably heard that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey signed an order rescinding the ban on women serving in combat units.  In today’s WSJ, Ryan Smith, former Marine infantry squad leader, describes the reality that awaits women in combat.  Fair warning: His account is gruesome at times, but his argument is probably one that very few have considered.

An excerpt:

I served in the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a Marine infantry squad leader. We rode into war crammed in the back of amphibious assault vehicles. They are designed to hold roughly 15 Marines snugly; due to maintenance issues, by the end of the invasion we had as many as 25 men stuffed into the back. Marines were forced to sit, in full gear, on each other’s laps and in contorted positions for hours on end. That was the least of our problems.

The invasion was a blitzkrieg. The goal was to move as fast to Baghdad as possible. The column would not stop for a lance corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, or even a company commander to go to the restroom. Sometimes we spent over 48 hours on the move without exiting the vehicles. We were forced to urinate in empty water bottles inches from our comrades.

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Stand for Life Interview with John Piper

Here are the first three (of four) videos from a recent interview of John Piper by John Ensor and Scott Klusendorf in recognition of January 22, 2013 being the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

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John Piper’s Racist Youth

This 18 minute video highlights John Piper’s racist youth, and how the gospel freed him. This is what his book Bloodlines is all about.

Daniel Darling – Real: Owning Your Christian Faith

Daniel Darling is the Senior Pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and the author of numerous books, including iFaith and Real.

Dan’s work has been featured in leading evangelical publications, including Relevant, Christianity Today, Focus on the Family, On Course, The Gospel Coalition, and others.  He is a contributing writer for many publications including Stand Firm, Enrichment Journal,,, and Dan’s op-eds have appeared in Newsweek/Washington Posts’ On Faith section and other newspapers and opinion sites. Publisher’s Weekly called his writing style “substantive and punchy.”

Dan is a sought-after speaker and has been interviewed on TV and radio outlets across the country. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Dayspring Bible College and is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He and his wife Angela have four children and reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

I’m grateful that Dan was willing to answer a few questions for us about his book Real: Owning Your Christian Faith.

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Andy Naselli Joins BCS Faculty

Great news for Bethlehem College and Seminary:

The board, faculty, and administration of Bethlehem College and Seminary are pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Andy Naselli as Assistant Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology. Dr. Naselli has been serving as D. A. Carson’s research assistant and as the administrator of Themelios, the theological journal for The Gospel Coalition. Dr. Naselli holds PhDs from both Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Bob Jones University.

Dr. Naselli has taught New Testament Greek at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and he currently teaches Bible and theology as adjunct faculty at several seminaries. He has published over twenty articles, forty-five book reviews, and a few books, including Let Go and Let God? (2010).

Read the whole thing.  For more on Dr. Naselli, and his book Let Go and Let God?, see this two-part interview I conducted.

LeTourneau Engineering Adopts Thriving at College

I was encouraged to learn that LeTourneau University‘s engineering faculty have adopted Thriving at College as a text for their intro-to-college classes.  Here’s the note I received from Dr. Matthew Green, posted with his permission:

“We enthusiastically buy this book for every engineering student in our intro-to-college classes. The chapters cultivate thinking and class discussions that powerfully promote a healthy transition into college and the adult responsibilities essential to success in a rigorous program.  Alex winsomely articulates many of the truths I long for my students to embrace, and backs them up with appropriate depth of thought.  I recommend this book to anyone in high school or college who wants to make the most of life.”

Other testimonials, from schools like California Baptist University, Missouri Baptist University, and Patrick Henry College, have likewise been received.

David Dockery to transition to Union University chancellor in July 2014

Union University announces:

David S. Dockery will transition from president of Union University to the role of university chancellor no later than July 2014, and Union trustees will immediately begin the process of searching for his successor as president.

“I am hopeful and prayerful for a good, smooth, joyful and positive transition,” Dockery said. “God has blessed the work of our hands and manifested his favor to this university time and time again during these past 17 years. I am confident that we will continue to see God’s grace made known to Union in the future.”

The article goes on to describe some of the many milestones reached during his 18 years as President of Union University in Jackson, TN. I am grateful for his visionary leadership in Christian higher education.

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College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be

Dr. Albert Mohler hosts a conversation with Andrew Delbanco, author of College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be.

What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense

I’ve posted about this book before, but here’s an excellent 30-minute primer on it (followed by 30 minutes of Q&A), all delivered recently at an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation. (You can also download the audio.)

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