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Riley Banks (17) Opened a School in Kenya

Mindy Honey, writing for the Branson Tri-Lake News:

To say 17-year-old Riley Banks is on a mission could be considered an understatement.

The Branson teen has distributed hundreds of backpacks and school supplies to children in Kenya, provided more than 1,000 hygiene kits to girls there, helped provide a medical clinic for more than 1,300 people and opened a school this year. She does it all through her nonprofit Generation Next, which she set up before she could even drive. While she continues to collect school supplies, hygiene kits and oversee a school in Kenya, she is also working to open an orphanage there.

Read the whole thing.

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Tim Keller: Encounters with Jesus

Tim Keller is publishing books faster than I can read them (I’m still only about half-way through his last one). This new one is called Encounters with Jesus: Unexpected Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions. In the words of his publisher:

In Encounters With Jesus, New York Times bestselling author and renowned pastor Timothy Keller shows how people were changed when they met Jesus personally—and how we can be changed today through our own encounter with him.

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From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

Crossway is releasing a 700 page volume, with 19 contributors, on the doctrine of the atonement. If you’ve ever wrestled with this issue, this is the book for you. Here’s the publisher’s description:

There is a palpable sense of confusion—and sometimes even embarrassment—with regard to so-called limited atonement today, pointing to the need for thoughtful engagement with this controversial doctrine. Incorporating contributions from a host of respected theologians, From Heaven He Came and Sought Her stands as the first comprehensive resource on definite atonement as it examines the issue from historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral perspectives.

Offering scholarly insights for those seeking a thorough and well-researched discussion, this book will encourage charitable conversations as it winsomely defends this foundational tenet of Reformed theology.

Justin Taylor has an interview with the editors, and a few others.

Late Term Abortion in Albuquerque

A powerful and sad glimpse into those who profit from others’ pain:

This Tuesday, November 19, The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance is on the ballot in Albuquerque, NM.

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Canadian Child Pornography Bust

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but praise God they do turn.  NBC News reports:

Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday.

And here’s the kicker:

What was most alarming, Inspector Beaven-Desjardins said, was that many of the arrests were of people who worked with or closely interacted with children.

Among those arrested were 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors and priests and three foster parents, she said.

Horrific and shocking. Praise God for the arrests. And pray for the children’s restoration.

Read the whole thing.

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John Piper on Prophecy and Charismatic Abuses


John Piper responds to John MacArthur and Strange Fire

Here is John Piper’s brief response:

John MacArthur indeed called Piper’s thoughts on tongues and prophecy “an anomaly”–the interaction about Piper begins about 42 minutes into their second Q&A.

Challies Interview with MacArthur – Part 2

I previously highlighted the first part of this interview.  Here’s an excerpt from part 2 (note that I’m only quoting a portion of MacArthur’s answer).

There are many areas of doctrine in which well-respected, godly theologians hold opposing views, and the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit are just one of them. Again, we are thinking here of the best and most gospel-centered of the continuationists. Why focus on this area now when it threatens to inhibit unity and further divide true believers? Why not focus on baptism or eschatology or another issue? 

(MacArthur explains, at length, that “In the New Testament, a factious man was someone who taught doctrine contrary to what was handed down from the apostles (1 Tim 6:3; 2 Tim 1:13). Calling for the correction of error in the church is not creating disunity. That disunity exists by virtue of the doctrinal defection. In fact, it is the call for a return to sound doctrine that is the effort of true unity, because real, biblical unity centers on doctrinal truth and is motivated by love.”)

Later he writes:

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Why Do Students Drop Out of MOOCs?

MOOCs–massively open online courses–are all the rage in some circles, believed to be on the verge of putting all but the most elite college campuses out of business over the next decade. Although I agree that online learning has the potential to augment and transform traditional education delivery methods, I’m not convinced that colleges en masse will go the way of the dinosaur anytime soon (unless their leadership is corrupt or incompetent). For one, MOOCs have a drop out rate of about Continue Reading…

John Piper on Pastors’ Pay

Piper SuitCollin Hansen has a great interview with John Piper on compensation for pastors, including honorariums from outside engagements and writing income. Here’s one of his questions and an excerpt of Piper’s answer.

When did you first realize you would need some plan to handle the money earned from your speaking and writing? Were you ever tempted to keep the money for yourself?

With the successful sales of Desiring God starting in 1987, I saw that there could be substantial income from writing and speaking. I resolved that I should not keep this money for myself but channel it to ministry. I never doubted that the Lord would provide us with a salary that would be sufficient for our family. So I saw no reason to keep the money that came in Continue Reading…

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