Designing the New American University

This new book from Michael M. Crow and William B. Dabars looks fascinating. Crow has served as the president of Arizona State University (ASU) since 2002. He was formerly executive vice provost at Columbia University and a professor of science and technology policy (a field I almost pursued after completing my bachelor’s degree). Dabars is a senior research fellow in the Office of the President and a research professor in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies at ASU.

Crow is widely regarded as one of the pioneering leaders in higher education. He speaks at workshops across the country on topics ranging from education reform, college access, and college affordability. Here’s the book’s trailer:

Some of the blurbs:

“Michael Crow is one of the leading college presidents in America precisely because he understands how we must innovate at the collegiate level if we want to continue to lead in today’s global knowledge economy, while at the same time expanding access and affordability to ensure more students have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. This book is an important and insightful read.”
Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

“America has been blessed with the world’s best universities, but it won’t stay that way without wise change.  Michael Crow has been inventing the new university for years; friends of higher education should go to school on his innovations, with this as their textbook.”
Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., President of Purdue University and former Governor of Indiana

“Over the past twelve years, Michael Crow has transformed ASU into one of America’s proudest research universities. Now, he and his colleague, William Dabars, share this model of success and the efforts of the university to bring it to scale—presenting untapped opportunities to boost our economic and global competitiveness and to further invest in our next generation of leaders.”
Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States

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