Archive - December, 2017

John Piper on the doctrine of Faith Alone

When I was an apprentice in The Bethlehem Institute (now reconfigured as Bethlehem College and Seminary) my favorite class was Practical Theology.

This class took place over a two-year cycle and consisted of attended about 50 hours of instruction from Dr. Piper on 10 different themes. Each theme was presented in seminar fashion, over a Friday night and Saturday morning (5 hours per seminar), to be followed by some reading on our part after which a paper was due. So 10 different themes, each related to the subject of Dr. Piper’s writing.

For one of these seminars the assigned reading was Future Grace and a critical response from a Mark W. Kariberg. We were asked to write a response to Kariberg. Here’s a link to my response. Issues include the distinction between justification and sanctification as well as the Covenant of Works.