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Republicans and Their Faulty Moral Arithmetic

This weekend Gov. Romney and his wife returned to the national stage with a lengthy interview on FOX news.  Why did his campaign fall short?  In a sentence:  Only one in three voters sensed that Mitt Romney “cares about people like me.”  Fair or unfair, perceptions shape elections.

In today’s WSJ, Arthur Brooks pens a devastatingly accurate assessment on why Republicans are struggling to connect with voters.  He notes that “citizens across the political spectrum place a great importance on taking care of those in need and avoiding harm to the weak.”  Then he writes:

Conservatives are fighting a losing battle of moral arithmetic. They hand an argument with virtually 100% public support—care for the vulnerable—to progressives, and focus instead on materialistic concerns and minority moral viewpoints.

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Why Are Conservatives Losing The Marriage Debate?

Rod Dreher quotes a young adult who supports gay marriage:

Your conception of marriage, the traditional one, is that a man and a woman get married for the purpose of procreation. Marriage isn’t really about romantic love in this conception, but rather a framework for the rearing of children. If we take for granted that this is what marriage is, then I don’t think it’s bigoted at all to not have gay marriage, so long as the coupling is respected.

The problem for people my age is this: your definition of marriage was displaced prior to our lifetime. I have no memory of when that definition was true. Virtually everyone under the age of 30 has lived their entire lives under a culture that believes marriage is an expression of romantic love between two people.

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Howard Hendricks (1924-2013)

Denny Burk offers a great testimony to the life and legacy of Dr. Howard Hendricks, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for over 60 years. Hendricks was a masterful, passionate teacher, and a remarkable mentor to many.

Dr. Ben Carson – Message at National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Benjamin Carson addressed the National Prayer Breakfast this past Thursday morning. He’s the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the author of America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great (currently the #1 book on Amazon). It’s a phenomenal speech in many ways, covering an array of topics–political correctness, personal responsibility, the value of education and hard work, even the federal deficit, national debt, tax policy, and health care.

Andrew Peterson – You’ll Find Your Way

The other night my wife and I were able to hear Andrew Peterson at the TruthXChange conference. I was so glad that he played You’ll Find Your Way, from his new album Light for the Lost Boy.  It’s a song many parents can relate to. Andrew wrote it for his son when he turned 13, basing it on Jeremiah 6:16:  “Thus says the LORD: ‘Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.’”

Technology and Raising Boys

Heads Up on being Heads Down

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David Platt – Follow Me – Trailer

Another one is here.

Andy Naselli Joins BCS Faculty

Great news for Bethlehem College and Seminary:

The board, faculty, and administration of Bethlehem College and Seminary are pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Andy Naselli as Assistant Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology. Dr. Naselli has been serving as D. A. Carson’s research assistant and as the administrator of Themelios, the theological journal for The Gospel Coalition. Dr. Naselli holds PhDs from both Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Bob Jones University.

Dr. Naselli has taught New Testament Greek at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and he currently teaches Bible and theology as adjunct faculty at several seminaries. He has published over twenty articles, forty-five book reviews, and a few books, including Let Go and Let God? (2010).

Read the whole thing.  For more on Dr. Naselli, and his book Let Go and Let God?, see this two-part interview I conducted.

The Debt Bomb – Tom Coburn

As an aside, the Paul Ryan announcement reminds me of a great book I read over vacation: The Debt Bomb by Senator Tom Coburn. The reality is, the USA is broke: Our national debt is greater than the entire U.S. economy (we passed that threshold in January). Ryan is a man with a plan to fix this by reigning in entitlement spending over the long haul in a way that gets our fiscal house in order and does not hurt the truly poor. (By the way, he has strong social conservative credentials as well.)

Coburn and Ryan are not afraid to criticize failures in both parties.  For example, many Republicans pledge never to raise taxes so as not to hurt businesses and individuals by lowering their income, but then they go and spend money like crazy on wasteful projects, causing the national debt to soar. They do so to curry favor with those back home (“bringing back the bacon”) rather than acting in the nation’s best interest. Coburn masterfully explores the psychology of power, and how fear of losing it can change good people of various political persuasions. A great book.

Jean Twenge on White Horse Inn

Michael Horton talks to Dr. Jean Twenge about her fascinating book The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement and her previous book Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled–and More Miserable Than Ever Before.

Dr. Twenge quotes a study that found one third of all college students think they deserve a B if they show up to class. And two thirds of students thinks that if they try hard, a professor should increase their grade.

Both of Dr. Twenge’s books were very helpful to me as I wrote Thriving at College.


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