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John Piper on the doctrine of Faith Alone

When I was an apprentice in The Bethlehem Institute (now reconfigured as Bethlehem College and Seminary) my favorite class was Practical Theology.

This class took place over a two-year cycle and consisted of attended about 50 hours of instruction from Dr. Piper on 10 different themes. Each theme was presented in seminar fashion, over a Friday night and Saturday morning (5 hours per seminar), to be followed by some reading on our part after which a paper was due. So 10 different themes, each related to the subject of Dr. Piper’s writing.

For one of these seminars the assigned reading was Future Grace and a critical response from a Mark W. Kariberg. We were asked to write a response to Kariberg. Here’s a link to my response. Issues include the distinction between justification and sanctification as well as the Covenant of Works.

Is Morality about Interference or Direction?

C.S. Lewis:

“There is a story about a schoolboy who was asked what he thought God was like. He replied that, as far as he could make out, God was ‘the sort of person who is always snooping around to see if anyone is enjoying himself and then trying to stop it’. And I am afraid that is the sort of idea that the word Morality raises in a good many people’s minds: something that interferes, something that stops you having a good time. In reality, moral rules are directions for running the human machine.”

From Mere Christianity

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Westminster’s Global Impact

WTS Global Impact:

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Christianity, the World’s Most Falsifiable Religion

Fantastic post by Michael Patton, author of Now That I’m a Christian: What It Means to Follow Jesus.  Patton writes:

The central claims of the Bible demand historic inquiry, as they are based on public events that can be historically verified. In contrast, the central claims of all other religions cannot be historically tested and, therefore, are beyond falsifiability or inquiry. They just have to be believed with blind faith.

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Everyone’s a Theologian: New from R.C. Sproul

New from Dr. R.C. Sproul and Reformation Trust: Everyone’s a Theologian.

Each chapter is short enough to get through in one sitting. This is truly a systematic theology that any adult, young or old, can read and benefit from. See Professor David Murray’s confession and commendation and learn more about the book.

Update:  Logos Bible Software is offering a pre-order discount on this resource.

Christians Get Depressed Too

David Murray, author of Christians Get Depressed Too:

This series of films from HeadHeartHand Media presents five Christians with five very different stories of depression and of how God gave them hope and help to recover. Each 35-40 minute episode tells the story of one such Christian. Their reflections are intercut with interview footage from six counselors representing a wide range of Christian knowledge and experience. While the pain of depression is evident, the overall tone is hopeful and practical.

We’re convinced that this holistic and biblical approach to depression will equip churches to minister to depressed Christians with greater understanding, compassion, and effectiveness. The unique combination of narrative and teaching will be a great resource for any individual, family, congregation, or small group, and will serve as a helpful supplement to the book, Christians Get Depressed Too. A new film will be released every couple of weeks and we start this week Continue Reading…

God in the Whirlwind – David Wells

God in the WhirlwindNew from David Wells, this book promises to be a great addition to Wells’ previous work. It’s on sale for through February 18 for 45% off at WTS Books.  The publisher’s description:

Building on years of research, writing, and cross-cultural ministry, renowned author and theologian David Wells calls our attention to that which defines God’s greatness and gives shape to the Christian life: the holy-love of God.

In God in the Whirlwind, Wells explores the depths of the paradox that God is both holy and loving, showing how his holy-love provides the foundation for our understanding of the cross, sanctification, the nature of worship, and our life of service in the world. Continue Reading…

25 Years in Manhattan: A Documentary on Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Some of it is in Dutch (with English subtitles):

HT: Justin Taylor

Spiritual Warfare: Interview with Brian Borgman

Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced PerspectiveHave you ever read the famous “spiritual armor” passage in Ephesians and not really known what to do with it? Let my friend pastor Brian Borgman and co-author pastor Rob Ventura walk you through this tricky yet essential passage of Scripture in their new book, Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective, now available for 50% (only $6.50) at WTS Books (while the Kindle version is only $2.99).  Endorsers include Voddie Baucham, Carl Trueman, David Murray, and Paul Washer. The Foreword is by Steve Lawson. Brian was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the book.

You’ve written a book on spiritual warfare. What are some common ways that Christians misunderstand this concept today?

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New John Piper Book: A Godward Heart

Containing 50 devotional readings, A Godward Heart by John Piper (Multnomah) releases on January 21. The “look inside” feature on Amazon allows you to check out the Table of Contents. The publisher’s description:

To Satisfy Your Soul — with God

John Piper invites you to experience deeper intimacy with God through these thought-provoking and soul-enriching meditations. Whether you are just discovering the divine richness of Scripture or have long been a passionate student, you’ll find a deeper understanding of God and renewed insight for your journey.

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