Recent books on courtship and dating have raised some difficult questions about the proper approach Christians should take for finding a life partner. This book lays out the major views and unpacks their scriptural arguments. If you’re trying to understand all the views and think carefully through their biblical merit, here is the book you are
looking for.”

Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California;
President, The Master’s College and Seminary

“Dating is an issue of Christian controversy — and for good reason. This fascinating new book brings together some of the most important thinkers and writers on this issue, producing a dialogue that will stretch the mind and encourage Christian thinking. Read this book — it’s sure to become a focus of much conversation.”

President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“Alex Chediak has given singles, pastors and parents a valuable resource to sort through the thorny questions of dating and courtship. Christians interested in honoring Christ in how they relate to the opposite sex often find themselves between the chaos of cultural behavior and the confusion of often contradictory ‘Christian’ alternatives. By bringing together five thoughtful but different perspectives from Christians on dating and courtship, Alex sets the table for digging into the issues that matter. No one after reading this book will be content to just ‘do what feels right’. Thanks, Alex, for helping to sharpen the debate and strengthen the dialogue through this timely resource. Singles and the marriages they make will be helped by your work.”

Author of The Rich Single Life; pastor of discipleship and counseling, Covenant Fellowship Church, Pennsylvania

“5 Paths to the Love of Your Life shows there is no ‘one size fits all’ in this adventure, and we are shown illuminating points of comparison and contrast among the options. This book details in clear language the ways serious believers may think about the paths to marriage.”

Campus pastor, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California

“Biblical, practical, contemporary. Those three words came to mind as I read 5 Paths to the Love of Your Life. Pastors, youth workers, parents, and single adults will find it an invaluable resource on the difficult questions surrounding dating, courtship, and marriage in the twenty-first century. Get ready to have your thinking stretched and challenged.”

Senior pastor; author of An Anchor for Your Soul,
Discovering God’s Will for Your Life, and He’s God and We’re Not

“I wanted to let you know that I have been using your book with some families. It has been tremendously helpful. Job well done! It is interesting to see where the view points overlap and where they take a turn to the left or right. The book is helping families see the need to set a trajectory for what they will expect from their children at a younger age.”

Grace Bible Church, Founding Pastor-Teacher
Pleasant Hill, CA

“This is a provocative book sure to generate lots of discussion among those who read it. It contains one essay that is among the best things I’ve ever read on the subject, an essay that is thoughtful, clear, pastoral, biblically-informed, Christ-centered, and genuinely wise. Then it contains several essays that are among the worst pieces of Biblical interpretation I’ve ever seen, essays that take verses out of context, dismiss New Testament teaching as mis-informed, embrace cultural norms about marriage without a murmur, and ignore the clear words and model of Jesus himself. Now if only we could all agree on which is which! Read the book and see if you can figure it out.”

— DR. LAURA A. SMIT, dean of the chapel, Calvin College; author of Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Ethics of Unrequited Love

“The variety of perspectives gathered here will help you sharpen your thinking, clarify your convictions, and pursue integrity and godliness as you seek healthy, mature Christian relationships.”

Author of Singles at the Crossroads

5 Paths to the Love of Your Life provides an excellent resource for single Christians, offering clear and balanced perspectives along with plenty of valuable tips. Well worth reading!

— SAM MOORCROFT, President of ChristianCafe.com

Inspiring, informative, challenging. 5 Paths is a must-read for singles, parents, and pastors who desire a biblical approach to contemporary relationships.

— BEN YOUNG, pastor; author of The Ten Commandments of Dating