Albert Mohler – Commentary

I am greatly encouraged to see this discussion emerge, and now is the time for Christians to address these questions seriously, soberly, and scripturally. The rejection of the prevailing secular model of dating and the emergence of a Christian conversation about courtship is a sign of hope. Five Paths to the Love of Your Life will be helpful to young people, their parents, and church leaders. The book is almost surely to become text for group study in many local churches and student ministries. But this discussion shouldn’t start or stop there. Parents should read this book, put it in the hands of their teenagers and young adult children, and use this framework in order to define and develop their own biblical understanding — even as they exercise their responsibility to lead their own children into maturity.

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Tim Challies – Challies Dot Com

…[W]hen I gaze into the future, I wonder how my children will begin a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. In Christian circles there is no end of controversy about the best way of doing this. While most believers agree on the necessity of maintaining sexual purity and of every young person submitting his or her life to the Lord, opinions differ on whether kids should date, court or even be betrothed. 5 Paths To The Love Of Your Life, edited by Alex Chediak, addresses five of these philosophies. Five authors contribute a chapter outlining what they feel is a biblical method of finding a potential spouse.

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Roger Overton – A-Team Blog

With so many books currently on the market on dating, some might ask themselves why we need another one. Perhaps the greatest attribute of this book is that it explains and advocates five different perspectives, so reading this one will eliminate the need to read many of the others. In 5 Paths to the Love of Your Life, Alex Chediak has brought together a select group of leading thinkers to make the case for their perspectives so that the reader can decide for them self.

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