Beating the College Debt Trap

Does the cost of college seem maddeningly out of reach? Have your parents told you they can’t afford to help?

Join the club: millions of students these days have no idea how they’re going to afford the education they know they need to have a shot at landing a decent job. But what if I told you the “I can’t afford college” line is mostly an illusion?

In Beating the College Debt Trap, I present an optimistic, empowering, and counter-intuitive message: Americans from all socioeconomic backgrounds, including first generation students, don’t have to be totally dependent on Mom, Dad, or Uncle Sam to get through college. You can get the training you need to launch a meaningful career without going broke in the process. Graduation on a solid financial foundation is possible. But it will require knowing how the system works, intentionality, creativity, and delayed gratification.

I start the book by debunking the myth that a four-year college is right for everyone. There are less well-known, equally valid paths that can lead to a variety of high-paying jobs. Then I explain (in simple terms) why college is expensive and why it’s so important that you take full responsibility for how you pay for it. From there, I move into three crucial decisions every student makes – choosing a college, picking a major and looking discerningly at loan opportunities. Then I give some practical advice on how to spend less and save more during college. Lastly, I look beyond the college years to the hurdles new graduates face in a slow-growth economy.

Whether you’re a parent filling out the FAFSA and getting ready for that first tuition bill, a student wanting to make wise financial choices (and understand what the financial aid office is telling you), or a graduate trying to launch a career, pay the bills, and dig your way out of debt, you’ll want to check out Beating the College Debt Trap.