Pre-order Freebie: A Parent-Child Discussion Guide

Update: At Zondervan’s request, as of December 29, 2015, this Discussion Guide is no longer available as a free e-book. It is, however, immediately available for $1.49, which can be paid via to this e-mail address: btcdt2015 at We anticipate that it will soon be available as an Amazon single (Kindle e-book) at this same price. 

We’re offering a freebie e-book to encourage you to pre-order Beating the College Debt Trap: A Parent-Child Discussion Guide. Here’s what’s in it: Four key conversations to have with your teenager before college, a lengthy bonus chapter on asking the right questions about college (to inform your college visitation process), and a Q&A with yours truly, where I answer 17 questions that you probably have about financial aid, college affordability, and more.

So how does it work? It’s simple. Pre-order the book from the vendor of your choice (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, CBD or iTunes), then e-mail your receipt to us (btcdt2015 at You’ll soon get a reply with the Discussion Guide in PDF format. That’s it. (Your contact information will never be given out to anyone.)

Oh, and one more thing: For every copy of Beating the College Debt Trap pre-ordered, we’ll make available a copy of either of my other books (Thriving at College and Preparing Your Teens for College) at 50% off ($7.99/copy), plus shipping. Simply use the Discount Pricing links on the right sidebar, and $2.00 per book (off the $9.99 already-below-Amazon price) will be refunded back to you after your purchase.

This offer is good through December 29 (the book’s release date). We trust you’ll find the Beating the College Debt Trap Discussion Guide to be a helpful resource.