Why Write Preparing Your Teens for College?

In 2011 I published a book called Thriving at College. It was about how students could get the most out of the college experience. But I soon learned that parents were hungry for information about how they could get their children ready for college. This came up in radio interviews and I was asked to deliver workshops on the topic. I wrote an article for the Christian College Guide about this, and began to publish columns in Trak (a monthly God’s World News publication for high school students). I was also noticing that my more successful students were the ones who came from homes in which their parents were intentional and active in their college preparation. These students were more successful than students who looked better “on paper” (test scores, past grades) but whose parents hadn’t helped them develop habits of personal responsibility and faithfulness. It became increasingly clear that thriving at college begins in the home.

The combination of these factors led me to write Preparing Your Teens for College.