Looking for a sample? Here’s the audio for three messages delivered in April 2014 to the Chinese Christian Church of Woodbury, MN (and two of their sister churches). If the circumstances permit, I would  be delighted to speak at your church, conference, high school, or college. If you’re interested, please download my Speaker Inquiry Form and then submit it to the e-mail address specified. We will reply promptly. (I’d be traveling from Riverside, CA, about an hour west of Los Angeles.)


“For most students who have grown up in the church, college represents a “sink or swim” proposition for their faith.  Within just four years, these students will form habits that will impact the rest of their lives.  As parents and church leaders, therefore, we must treat the college preparation process with the attention it deserves.  Alex Chediak speaks like he writes–combining precision with practicality, backed by proof from Scripture and statistics.  Our church was blessed to have him come to speak to our youth and parents.  Every parent I spoke with gave Alex high praise for what he taught and strongly encouraged our church to host Alex again.”

Jonathan Szeto, Young Adult and College Associate Pastor, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, CA, 2016

“Without a doubt, one of the most helpful seminars we have provided for our parents. Alex’s thoughtful and information-packed presentation touched on the most important issues that Christian parents are facing with wisdom, and practical insight that left our parents wanting more. Consider Alex your new best friend in preparing your students to thrive in college and beyond.”

Kevin Neuner, Spiritual Life Director at The King’s Academy, Sunnyvale, CA, 2015 

“With the ability to deftly mix elements of sound biblical doctrine, practical wisdom, first-hand insight as an academician, a humble and extremely down-to-earth and approachable demeanor, effective communication, the fruits of his own research, and a great read on the current cultural pulse, Alex was a crucial bridge in preparing many of the participants in our leadership development program for living life in the college and post-graduate world to the fullest — as God intended for His own glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom.  Covering everything from relationships to study habits to financial management, Alex is someone that all programs, ministries, and churches should have speak to youth readying themselves for college and his books are a must-read for students and teens (and their parents!).

Paul Kim, Faculty Coordinator, Global Leadership Development Institute (GLDI),
Costa Mesa, CA, 2014

“We asked Alex to be our speaker for a Preparing for College Seminar in April 2014. This seminar was targeted toward parents of teens and teens between 6-12th grades. As a youth worker, the information he shared with us is something I hope all college-bound youth and their parents (especially parents) receive. Comments heard from parents during the seminar included, ‘The speaker gave very practical and concrete ideas and points.’ Alex is a speaker more churches should know about.”

Simon Huang, Family Minister at Chinese Christian Church, Woodbury, MN, 2014 

“Students don’t thrive in college on their own, the statistics tell us that.  What the statistics won’t tell you however, is what to do about it.  Not only does Alex bring clear principles from the Word of God, but he has done his research and his books back that up.  Don’t let his engineering degrees scare you, just ask our students, he is easy to listen to, and easy to talk with.  And, if you ask our parents, they would say that his seminar saved them a ton of money with colleges and they didn’t even have to switch to Geico…lol jk.  Hands down, he is the best around and you won’t be disappointed if you have him come to your church.  I know we were encouraged.”

Pastor Jonathan Meyer, Sr. High and Young Adult Pastor, Grace Church & Founder, Ignite Youth Leadership Conference, Des Moines, IA, 2014

“After reading his books, and meeting him in person, I invited Alex to my church to speak to our High School and College students and their parents. I am so glad I did. Alex’s content is well rounded and balanced. It’s a unique and helpful contribution to other instruction on parenting and youth/college ministry that’s out there. I wish more people would have been present to hear it. His experience in working with college students (as a professor and advisor) has given him a great depth of insight and wisdom in this area from a perspective that those working to disciple and develop students (parents, ministers, mentors, etc) will benefit from greatly.”

Pastor Matt Heerema, Stonebrook Church, Ames, IA, 2014

“We asked Alex to come in and speak first to our high school and college students about thriving in college and then did a lunch just for high school parents about “Preparing for College.” Alex did a great job and was extremely prepared and knowledgeable. Our parents were so thankful and walked away with a better understanding of how to help their teens through this transition.”

Brad Talbert, College Minister at Houston’s First Baptist Church, Houston, TX, 2014

“We had Alex speak at our Family Conference in March 2012. We wanted our families to gain biblical insight into the pressures of children transitioning into adulthood. In particularly, how we can help train/prepare our children to be solid Christians through this process. We were very pleased with Alex’ knowledge and insight into what the Bible says on these subjects. He is very knowledgeable, humble and personable. Our church family was truly blessed.”

Kent Pelcher, Associate Pastor at Riverbend Community Church, Ormond Beach, FL, 2012